Friday, October 18, 2019

It was a three club wind for golf, but that didn't stop Coach Enea and Pastor Joel (and others) from getting out and playing both the West & East courses at Licoln Park. A fabulous way to kick off alumni weekend! 

Friday night cocktails at 747 with Sooners Lacrosse Alumni. A great showing from all the Alumni! 

Saturday, October 9, 2019

Although another 11am start, it was a beautiful day for Sooners Football vs West Virginia. Thank you to Ron & Marty Skalovsky '82 for the fantastic tailgate with tents, TV's, breakfast burritos and beverages for everyone. It was another blow out 55-14, but a very rememberable one, as the schooner sooner flipped over for the first time in a long time. Fortunately no one was injured. 

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Norman, OK

It was another fabulous day in Norman, with sunny sky's, beautiful clouds, slight wind and about 65 degree for the 14th annual Sooners vs Alumni Lacrosse game. Thank you to Brian & Ann Morris for gathering the troops together and stepping up as communication chair.

Sooners Starting Line Up

Goalie - #18 Vince Primavera 

Defense - #24 Chris Park, #6 Pat McDonnell, # 25 Kevin Cassidy

Fogo - # 17 Asa Ballenger 

Mid I - # 21 Andrew Dickerson, # 26 Coles Manning, # 12 Chris Peter

Mid II - # 2 London Laslo, # 9 Kaleb Hayward, # 16 Mitchell Williams

Attack I - # 0 Brooks Anderson, # 3 Tyler Billig, # 15 Sterling Coker, 

Attack II - # 7 Charlie Franczyk, # 19 Will McCloskey, # 14 Clay Cutler

Alumni Starting Line Up

Bray O'Connor doesn't take long to rip a behind the back shot on the crease that tags Pat McDowell to the back of his head and down he goes. That didn' take long, and give Pat the first save of the day. 

Rookie # 26 Coles Manning (Ft Worth, TX) opens the scoring with a nice alley dodge, rip and scores two minutes in at 10:03 making it 1-0 Young Guns.

# 3 Tyler Billig, who returns from 2019 Injured Reserve and with a new shoulder, turns the corner to get top side and scores a nice diving lefty unassisted goal making it 2-0 Sooners.

Sooners win the next face off, Rookie # 17 Asa Ballenger a nice looking athlete at 6'5 gets a one time ground ball. And Sooners take their first time out at 7:37 in the first quarter. 

Want to see them run a 300, find the fish and Ryan give n go....... pretty basic instructions, and we Throw it out of bounds!

Senior Attackman, Sterling Coker (Dallas, TX) looked fantastic as usual with an outside lefty unassisted goal and gb too. 3-0

#16 Mitchell Williams, another fabulous freshmen from Woodlands, TX aka flow rider stings one on the run to left top side getting Sooners to 4-0.

Great first quarter. 

Garett Purcell nice top side tip gets alumni on board, 1-4.

Chris Park nice gb clear and Coles again Asheville, NC for his second riper of the day 1-5.

Tiime out Sooners, halfway through the second quarter at 6:30. Thank you coach Elliott Marx, OU womens lacrosse coach for keeping the official lax clock game time for the event. 

Simple 100, then Coles isolate up top, good play, and nice save, Kevin isolated and rings one off the pipe. 

ISO Coles sweep and rips a skipper goal that hits net and gives him a hat trick.

Mitch tags goalie off chest, nice save, he looks really good. 

Blueberry nice take and shot nice save. 

Mason Moore scores asisited btb 2-6 for the Alumni.

Senior President, midfield Andrew Dickerson gets a loose gb scoop and score with one dangle making 7-2 Sooners.

Blue. Nice cut and shot and great save by OU goalie Vince Primavera (Colorado Springs, Co.) Moose gets top side and hands free rips a bouncer top shelf, 3-7 as second Quarter ends

Second half adjustments for the Sooners to run a  2-3-1

Mitch (x dodge favorite spot) 
nice looking players Billig nice take tips off crossbar.

Returning attack, Jr. Brooks Anderson gets on scoreboard with a nice take top righty 3-8. 

Sterling from Billig for the Sooners 3-9. I forgot how nice that sounded. It's been a while since we've seen that. Looking forward to watching those three vs some quality defenses in RMLC.

#19 Huskies Asa Bollinger
# 9 Caleb 

Time out 342 
Mitch “single” c what happens. 

Moose again lefty rip with 120 seconds left in third. 4-9. Chris Park has done a nice job of keeping him in check. Last year Moose unloaded for six goals. 

Asa nice face off win, Coles Manning with another upper down the alley textbook overhand for the Sooners 4-10. 

Fourth Quarter
Dan Seelig gets a nice FoGo win for alumni, but they are unable to capitalize.

Sterling with a great ride, picks goalies his pockets and easy dip and dunk to finish Sooners up 11-4

Asa wins another face then sky’s the feed, but nice sized athlete. 

Sooner Magic Coles for his 5th of the day 4-12. 

Bray runs thru everyone and scores a BTB for alumni 630 in the 4th. 5-12.

Nice clear Dickerson 300 alumni. Great take Caleb Annapolis MD. rings one off pipe. 3min 

Sanch Rips one at 220 left in game 6-12. Young guns lead. 

One minute left. Rookies look great!! And the current Sooners beat the Alumni 12 -6 in the fourteenth annual Alumni game leading the all time series, 12 Wins, 2 Losses.

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the Sooners on what turned out to be an incredible Sooner lacrosse alumni weekend! 

Alumni please make at least a $25 donation to cover the costs. Thanks in advance

October 2020 with mark the 15th year so save the dates now, October 23, 24, 25, 2020.